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Concert / Recital Photography


Artist Headshots

Non-Profit Organizations

Pricing (effective 23 January 2021)

For a la carte shooting, I charge $85 per hour. Rounding occurs up to the next quarter-hour. There is a Minimum Service Fee of $65.

What does that include?

* SHOOTING: Camera time, where the subject is in front of the camera, I'm behind, and pictures are happening. Some time also set aside for pondering and discussions.

* Some EDITING time. Each paid hour of shooting also includes an hour of editing time at no extra cost. That's often enough time to distill, process, and edit an hour's worth of shots. In case it isn't, I bill editing at $35/hour (after the included hours). Why so much less? Because I can do that at three in the morning or whenever is convenient.

* Image consultation (no extra charge). Usually, I'll confer with you to look over the images from the session. This can happen as soon as immediately following the session or any time in the subsequent days. It's a chance for us to talk through images and focus on the end product, either by weeding out lesser photos or choosing certain images for a particular direction. This step can be dispensed with if you trust my judgment and/or don't have time.

So, what costs more?

* Transit time to more than one location. To start, I drive myself to anything local. But if multiple locations are included, the clock stays running for transit in between, whether that's across a field or across town. This cost will be estimated ahead of time thanks to the Plan, though the final decision always lies with me.

* Travel time to locations outside the Kansas City metro area BY ROAD incur a charge of $25/hr of travel time, rounded up to the next half-hour. This applies only to the time needed to arrive at the location (return trip is not billed), and only if travel is not compensated in some other way.

* Anything involving extra equipment. Setup charges may apply for anything that stands on the ground (or is suspended from something) other than myself and an assistant (if any). For example, doing something in a location that requires lights, a temporary background, and/or movement of things like furniture, cars, crowds, etc. We'll discuss all of this when going over the Plan.

* A photographer's assistant. My extra trained pair of hands, who helps to move the shoot along. Optional at my discretion, depending on what I think will help the Plan.

* Physical prints, books, cards. 

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