The "Huh?" of Veritography

verisimilitude, noun. The appearance of being true or real.

photography, noun. The art or practice of taking and processing photographs.

veritography, noun. A neologism that's stuck in my head, describing what I'm pursuing in my photography.

Yes, I smashed together words in order to make another word. Yes, I called my gallery after a concept both fuzzy and pretentious. In my defense, I did so because the word hounded me for years after I used it to title an essay. All the reasons that it appealed to me then (brevity, recognizability without familiarity, and obscurity) still applied when it came time to giving a web gallery a title -- and worse, trying to find a web domain.

A friend also asked with extraordinary delicacy about how I pronounced it. It hadn't occurred to me, but then I suppose it wouldn't, necessarily. I won't be offended how anybody pronounces a word that doesn't appear in any dictionary.

I pronounce it "ver-eh-TOG-ra-fee" or "ver-uh-TOG-ra-fee." I can't say that "ver-EYE-to-gra-fee" is wrong, per se, but I focus more on the "verisimilitude" pronunciation, which contains lots of that weird "ə" -- I'm afraid we all should schwa a bit.

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